Looks That Kill a Motley Crue Tribute

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Looks That Kill-A Mötley Crüe Tribute, is the most epic and authentic tribute to the most notorious bad boys of American rock n' roll of all time!!  Looks that kill will transport you back to when whip lash hard rock songs and melodic power ballads ruled the world!!

The band consists of four dedicated musicians out to do one thing And thats

to bring you, The most Amazing Mötley Crüe Show, Consisting of Motley Crue’s catalog of music from the beginning to the present. Songs like Dr. Feel good, Same 'Ol Situation, Girls Girls Girls, Live Wire, Kickstart My Heart, Wild Side and their huge rock ballad Home Sweet Home.

No other Mötley Crüe Tribute, brings you the music, the experience and

                                                                                                              THE LOOKS THAT KILL………. 

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